Wow! Cool Motor Home - Palazzo eleMMent

Wow! Cool Motor Home - Palazzo eleMMent - As cool motor homes go, the Palazzo eleMMent valued at £1.9 million must be one of the coolest we've seen. It's like a luxury mansion or five star hotel on wheels!
  • Boasts master bedroom with en suite, rainfall shower and 40 inch flatscreen television
  • Glow-in-the-dark paint, underfloor heating, pop-up bar and roof terrace
  • More expensive per sq ft than a property in Hampstead, London

You think the outside is cool, just check out the internal pictures that look live a 5 star hotel! 

The facilities include an operational fireplace, this fireplace can be use when parked. The vehicle has an automatic roof terrace with an area about 65 square meters. Another feature of EleMMent are "glow in the dark" paint to improve night safety, higher safety rating by the glass fiber plastic cabin and also the elevated seating position. The vehicle has a lounge that opens up at the press of a button and panoramic glass. 

A small kitchen to attend to your taste buds and a master bedroom, truly master in size. Inside the bedroom, you would find things that you probably would not be having even in your bedroom at home! An exotic bathroom, a rainfall shower and a pop-up roof terrace. And the hardest to imagine – the vehicle has an exterior lighting that would guarantee some extra safety at night. 



As far as speed is concerned, well it is truly superman speed, considering the size of the 20 tonne vehicle. Its 510bhp engine gives it a kick enough to run at the speed of 93 miles per hour at the fuel consumption rate of 13 mpg, a rate which is quite economic and humble for a vehicle of this size, thanks to its design that gives a better fuel efficiency.

Estimated to be worth around the cool £1.9 million mark, this has to be the most expensive motor home in the world!

Source: cool cars
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