Three Wheelers: Morgan 3 Wheeler Super Sports Labels

Sports car giants Morgan is launching a cool 3 wheeler tricycle in 2011 in the style of the distinctive cars first introduced by company founder, HFS Morgan in the 20's and 30's. There are no prices yet, but Morgan is striving to deliver the first cars at about £25,000 plus VAT. With the tuned Harley engine delivering about 100bhp at the rear wheel, the top speed is quoted at 115mph, with 0-60mph in 4.5sec.

The half tonne Morgan three-wheeler will be called the Super Sports and goes on sale next year. It will be powered by a 1.8-litre Harley-Davidson 45-degree V-twin motorcycle engine coupled to a Mazda five-speed transmission driving the rear wheel via a specially fabricated rear end.

The Super Sports is derived from the design of Pete Larsen’s Seattle-made Liberty Ace (itself a Harley V-twin-powered retro car in the style of original Morgan trikes). Morgan has bought the rights to the Ace, but its engineers have considerably redesigned and re-engineered it to create the Super Sports. The Great Malvern-based company is promising authentic Thirties three-wheeled thrills but with “get-in-and-drive simplicity and reliability”.

The Super Sports will be homologated under the motorcycle type approval regulations, which negates the need for complicated crash structures and airbags, but it will have twin roll-over hoops to protect occupants.

Its coachwork will be made from super-formed aluminium and the minimalist interior features leather seats and side panels, with a black anodised dashboard complete with aircraft-style toggle switches and a starter button styled on an aircraft bomb release mechanism.

The Super Sports will come with aero screens but no other weather protection, although Morgan is planning a wide range of accessories for the car, including weatherproof clothing and specially made luggage.
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