Ford Mustang Obsidian Pictures

Ford Mustang Obsidian Pictures - Check out these pictures of the Obsidian SG One Ford Mustang, a seriously cool car! Also included below is car spec and a cool video included.

Ford Mustang Obsidian Specification:
Price-Est Cost To Duplicate = Approx $1.3M
Production =N/A
Engine = 6.4 liter V8
Weight= approx 3,000 lbs
Aspiration = twin superchargers
Torque = 750 lb-ft (est)
HP = over 800 hp(pump gas)
HP/Weight = less than 3.4 lbs per hp
HP/Liter = over 125 hp per liter
1/4 mile---N/A
0-60 mph = 4 seconds (est)
Top Speed = Could possibly be the fastest streetable Mustang ever

Video Ford Mustang Obsidian Video:

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