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Cool pictures from Top Gear last week when they went up the Eyjafjallajökull in a Toyota Hilux. Little did they know the active volcano would cause so much European travel havoc. Luckily, the Top Gear cast and crew escaped just hours before the volcano erupted. Finally a bit of good PR for Toyota. The Hilux remains truely a cool truck !

Top Gear Hilux Volcano Pictures:

By modifying the same Toyota Hilux they took to the north pole with water-cooled tires and a roof-mounted ash-guard, the Top Gear team just scaled an active Volcano in Iceland for an upcoming episode. "They never take risk!" said an Icelandic Volcano expert who traveled with the crew as an adviser.

Like all other episodes, this one appears to have been carefully planned, with full permission from the Icelandic government. In addition to volcanoes and a collapsed economy, Iceland is known for its ridiculously epic off-roading so we expect the episode to be insanely awesome and heroic.

It turns out Top Gear is taking partial responsibility for the blast:

According to local media, the shaggy-haired television presenter was witnessed driving a modified Hilux to the rim of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano last week. Though initially assumed that he was simply filming a feature for the the popular motoring television show, it has since been speculated that May's purpose was far more devious. "It has been scientifically proven that TopGear is responsible for almost every evil in the modern world, so the eruption of a furious tectonic force barely a week after Richard Clarkson's ‘visit' can hardly be viewed as mere coincidence," says media commentator Annalisa Kneejerk.

Stig Volcano Qutoes

Some say that his helmet visor is made of volcanic ash, and that when he erupts every pilot in Europe has to leave the room.

Some say he can cause volcanos to erupt by looking at them.

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