Sports Sedan: Fisker Karma

Even cool cars like the Fisker Karma uses sex sells when advertising. No ideal what this girl has lost in the back of this car and we really don't care! There's no doubting that the Karma has cool looks and has succeeded in transferring all the promise of the concept car into a production version, but now Fisker will have to begin trying to sell the $88,000 sports sedan.

The song in this video is by Brandi Emma with The Smart Set "Love Never Dies"

Hence the new marketing push and the car's appearance at the LA show. If the niche manufacturer can drum up business anywhere it will be in the eco-sensitive City of Angels.

Fisker claims the car "is the first and only true electric vehicle with extended range". The Karma is powered by two 200bhp electric motors which feed on lithium-ion batteries. These are recharged by a 2.0-litre petrol engine mated to a 175kw generator.

The company claims their solution eliminates range anxiety by offering a 300-mile range. The Karma is also capable of 0-60mph in under six seconds while emitting just 83g/km CO2.
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