Cool Gemballa Porsche GT Mirage Gold Edition - Automotive Photos

Cool Gemballa Porsche GT Mirage Gold Edition - Check out this cool Gemballa Porsche GT Mirage Gold Edition. Like the flashy superstar too concerned with looking rich to look good, German tuner Gembella brings us the ostentatious Porsche Mirage GT Gold Edition.

This blinged-out exhibition of misguided tunes uses generous amounts of carbon fiber to drastically cut weight and generous amounts of gold paint to add an over-the-top look that doesn’t really complement the GT’s natural beauty. To bring home the point on just how much gold has been spilled on this vehicle: it has gold in the air intake, the rear diffuser, the wheels, the trunk lid, the brake calipers, the engine bay and the wing mirrors–and that’s a shortened list of the external gold–plenty more inside.

As far as performance goes, the Gold Edition gets the same engine tweaks as Gembella’s Mirage GT Carbon Edition (carbon fiber minus gold accents), which add 670 horses worth of power. The 0 to 60 is cut by 0.2 seconds down to 3.7 and the top speed is raised by 3 MPH to 208
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