Jaguar C-X75 Pictures and Videos

Jaguar C-X75 Pictures and Videos - Showcasing cool pictures and video of the Jaguar C-X75 hybrid car. There's a chance you've seen the C-X75 before, but back then it was no more than just a cool concept. The great news is that Jaguar is turning its idea of what a plug-in hybrid should be into a production car what will both save the world (its CO2 emissions are just 99g/km) and get you down to Tesco so fast you'll arrive younger than you were when you left (0-60 in 3 seconds! Top speed of 200mph+).

Jay Leno Review of the Jaguar C-X75 
Jay Leno became the first person outside Jaguar to drive the C-X75 on a public highway, ahead of its North American Debut at the L.A. Auto Show. Leno, a long-term Jaguar enthusiast, thinks that despite being so cutting edge, it still looks like a Jaguar with certain key features like the detail on the buttress behind the driver's head that is reminiscent of the new XJ or the back end is having hints of E Type and even the D Type. Here's Leno's review if the C-X75:

October 2010, Jaguar sprung the C-X75 concept car on the unsuspecting public at the Paris Motor Show. The reception was phenomenal. Its sleek form ensured its image instantly made its way round the world, while journalists and have-a-go pundits speculated upon exactly how a " jet-powered" turbine car would work. Despite appeals from representatives of the motoring press, the British marque maintained the concept was a one-off and not for production. The C-X75 ticked all the right boxes for the modern supercar. It set tongues wagging across the globe, inspired curiosity and, above all, instilled a sense of desire. In fact, the strength of the response to the concept meant that on 6 May, this year, Jaguar changed its tune, announcing it would indeed produce the car. Tellingly, Jaguar showcased it at Clerkenwell Design week at the end of May - a move that emphasis how proud the company is of the C-X75. 

Built with the help from Williams F1, it uses a pair of diesel-powered gas turbines (a bit like small jet engines) to charge batteries that power four electric motors, delivering a crazy 778 horsepower. You best start saving though - Jaguar has said it'll build around 250 C-X75s and it'll hit the UK at the end of 2013 with a price tag of between £700,000 and £900,000.
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