Volvo Videos: Swiss Volvo Driver Keeps Warm the Traditional Way – with a Wood Burning Stove

Here's a quick question. Who do you think is zanier: Pascal Prokop that replaced the passenger seat of his 1990 Volvo 240 station wagon with a… wood-burning stove or the Swiss authorities that approved the car and allow Prokop to use it on public roads? While you think about it we'll tell you that Prokop told news reporters that he opted for the stove over an electric heater because he could keep former burning long after he turned off the car.
And why would he anyone choose to stay inside his car in Switzerland, we hear you ask? The answer comes from Prokop: "When I'm tired or have drunk too much, I want to sleep in the car." 
Story References: Jalopnik

VIDEO: Wood stove in Volvo 
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