Modded Cars: Gallery of Unique Hummers

A gallery of cool and unique Hummer cars from around the world. Probably the coolest and craziest hummer modification we have seen is this horse drawn Hummer!

Mr Jeremy, 33, spent £10,000 buying the black Hummer H2 and with the help from a team of mechanics, dismantled the vehicle and made it into an engine-less carriage.

"I came up with the idea during the global economic melt-down," he said.

"I thought these hummers are the pinnacle of consumerism and a powerful status symbol, so what will happen when they are no longer sustainable?"

The hefty 1,800lb cart made a public debut in New York Central Park, pulled by2 white horses aptly named Diesel and Duke which you can see a video of here: 

Here are some more impressive modified Hummers...

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