Tokyo Showroom Automotive: Concept Cars of the Future

Tokyo Showroom Automotive - So, the 42nd Tokyo showroom. It's hard to show everything but it doesn't mean it makes sense to show nothing. Let's look at least at all cars that will undergo serial production. Concept cars will hardly be produced even in small serial numbers, they are needed for development of perspective technologies in different spheres - from hydrogen engines to interactive driver's interfaces.
The doors that open up seem to be trendy.
Inspiring Japanese Nissan Juke
Advanced Tourer of Subaru
BMW also likes the idea of doors opening up. They realize it in BMW i8 concept. The car reaches 100km/h for 4/6 seconds at the maximum speed of 250 km/h.
Another German manufacturer Mercedes shows its concept - F125. (220km/h for 4.9 seconds).
A-class concept car and still has no name.
Volkswagen NILS - 1 seat electric car. Max. speed - 130 km/h, 100 km/h is reached for 11 sec.
Many companies design such tiny 1-2 seats cars. They are convenient for magalopolises. They would let us to minimize traffic jams. American Chevrolet shows 2 wheeled EN-V.
Japanese Daihatsu demonstrates Pico - 2 seats electric car that stands somewhere between motorcycles and little cars. Max. speed - 50 km/h.
The similar concept from Suzuki is called Q-–°oncept and is intended for domestic trips not further than 10 km from home.
3 seats concept Micro Commuter from Honda is one of the largest in this class. Instead of one wheel there are two joysticks for both hands.
There were many cars of such kind at the exhibition.
Honda believes that steering wheel may remain in the past. They use joysticks for AC-X and EV-Ster concepts. Hybrid AC-X positions itself like a family car. Fuel consumption - 0.9 l for 100 km.
EV-Ster is an electric cabrio car with fuel distance of 160 km.
Toyota pays more attention to design. Fun-Vii concept. On the body sides are screens that let change the color by a single pushing the button. Also various images may be displayed on the body.

Another car from Toyota developed together with Subaru. This car will soon go to serial production.
Its nearest competitor from Subaru again - Subaru BRZ has a similar engine, dimensions, and even look.
Lexus shows almost serial concept Lexus LFA. 4.8 l engine, 560hp, max. speed 325 km/h, the car will be made only in Japan and will cost more than 0,5 million dollars. 
Design of a Tokyo University called Eliica. Developed in 2004 it was an electric car with 8(!) wheels. It's max. speed was 370 km/h, acceleration up to 100 km/h for 4.11 seconds. 
Among other university designs we have to notice NATS EV-Sport Prototype 01, it's fully electric with 120 km fuel distance.
Another interesting design was shown by SIM-Drive company where electric engines are built in the wheels. Max. speed 150 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h for 4.8 sec. 
Electric sports cabrio Teewave Air. 147 km/h. 11 sec acceleration up to 100 km/h. The car was mainly made of plastic - it was the main idea.
Another plastic product T-Brain from Toyota company.
Concept cars are not always expensive sports ones. Japanese company Isuzu shows how a truck of the future may look like. T-Next concept.
Another Japanese company Hino, also producing trucks, exhibits Hino eZ-CARGO - a cargo bus for carrying cargoes at small distances.
Race hybrid cabrio GR MN Sports Hybrid Concept II and a ceremonial limo FS Hybrid Concept designed by Kanto Motors, included in Toyota Group.
Vehicles from Daihatsu. 4 seats FC ShowCase may be called the most stylish at the showroom.
Mira e:S of the same company. Cheap and saving.
Daihatsu - D-X model. 64hp, looks like a nice race vehicle.
Ken Okayama design agency shows its rather old design K.O 7 Spider. 2 seats, 2 litres 4-cylinders engine, 240 hp. 
Awesome hybrid of a car and a motorcycle. The product of Campagna Motors - T-Rex 14R. 197 hp, max. speed 240 km/h, acceleration up to 111 km/h for 3.92 seconds.
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