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Cars Show Hot Girls Bikini - There are some sexy and hot Cars Show Girls, maybe some our pretty female autos fans want to be a Car Show Girls, would you?! then we talking about How to become a car show girl.

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How to become a car show girl? By babycakes
as in for car shows where people look at ‘pimped out’ cars x
Best Answer - By Real H
Find a photographer and show up at shows/ cruise ins / drags. Most car people love to have their car photographed and their hard work put on display, but ALWAYS ask before you start taking photos. I know that where I live some people are very particular about their vehicles and wont let you lean on or touch their paint, so owners may have special requirements for how you can be photographed with their car.Good luck, you probably wont start being paid… but if you become popular, you might get some $$.

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