2011 Mercedes Benz SLR 722 Luxury, Girl Bikini Cars

2011 Mercedes Benz SLR 722 Luxury

2011 Mercedes benz SLR 722 – Mercedes benz SLR 722 has an impressive version of the car, where the addition of optimized control electronics, changes in compression ratio, valve repair exhaust system with remote radio control, vehicle output rose to an impressive 730 HP (up from standard 650 HP). Top speed for the 722 S is now 213 mph and 211 mph for the standard SLR.RLS 722 is supported by a supercharged V8 engine produces 722 horsepower at 7100 rpm and 890 Nm (656 lb-ft) of torque.
Mercedes SLR 722 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds, reaching speeds of 300 kilometers per hour (about 186 miles) in 24, 5 seconds, and reaches a maximum speed of 345 km / hour (214 miles). SLR using AMG SPEEDSHIFT R transmission 5-speed automatic with manual mode 3. For durability Mercedes chose a 5-speed transmission 7-speed gearbox rather than the more complex and use more parts.
hide the body systems and components that Mercedes-Benz, in pacemaker technology, is now presenting for the first time: ceramic disc brakes, chassis components and carbon fiber seats, adaptive system with a beam cornering lights, and electronically controlled Brake System Sensortronic.

Types of brake-by-wire system. The brake discs are carbon-ceramic and provide better stopping power and fade resistance than steel discs when operating under ideal working temperature. Mercedes-Benz claims these discs are fade resistant to 1200 ° C (2,200 ° F). Internally vented front discs and 370 mm (15 in) in diameter. 8 piston calipers are used. rear disc is 360 mm (14 in) in diameter with 4 piston calipers. During wet conditions calipers automatically skim the surface of the disk to keep them dry.
To improve braking performance there is an automatic air brake, when engaged the rear elevation angle rear spoiler is set to 65 degrees. The back of the extra downforce aerodynamic drag increases in addition to significantly increase the peak deceleration ~ 90%
Because the automatic gear box, setting the front mid-engine, and driving characteristics, some commentators classify the SLR McLaren as a GT, which will rival cars like the Aston Martin DBS V12 and Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.
SLR stands for “Sport, Leicht, Rennsport” (sport, light, racing). Mercedes-Benz states that they will build 3500 SLRs more than seven years, with annual production of 500 cars. Base price car, GB £ 295.337 (approx. U.S. $ 450,000, € 350,000, CHF 500,000 or C $ 500,000. 2009), making the car street-legal ninth most expensive in the year 2008.

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